Kalea Shelties
Karen Horton
Sagle, Idaho

Welcome to Kalea Shelties!
We offer private classes in the fundamentals of basic obedience training.  All sessions are one-on-one where we work with you and your family together, allowing you to participate in the training of your dog.   This will not only increase the bond between you and your dog, but help you understand how your dog thinks!  

Basic Obedience Class

All the basic commands are taught using modern motivational methods, where your dog learns by positive reinforcement that makes for a happy dog and happy parents!  No harsh methods or punishment is ever used. 

Private one-on-one and small group training at my Sagle location or at your home.   For all dogs 4 months and older

Call to schedule classes at your convenience.    5 weeks / $80    

Training at your home is based on $35 per session within a 10-mile radius of Sagle 

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Karen Horton
kaleashelties2@gmail.com       208-265-4541
Puppy Class

Class will include some basic obedience commands, go over puppy issues like chewing, digging, crate training, vaccines, nutritional needs of puppies. Includes important play and socialization time with other puppies.  Handouts included. 

Call to schedule classes at your convenience.
4 Classes     $60
            Basic Obedience
                 Puppy Classes
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